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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Shock Wave Therapy is one of the most advanced and highly effective non-invasive treatment methods that does not require any surgery or need for long- term medication.

Shockwave therapy is a treatment option which is non-invasive, simple, fast and 100% safe. It is a form of therapy that uses sound waves at a low Intensity to help cure your urological ailment. The sounds waves have an anti-inflammatory effect on the cells and also stimulates the release of stem cells to facilitate regeneration and/or repair.

shockwave therapy for prostatitis and erectile dysfunction

Shockwave Therapy for Urological Ailments

Shockwave therapy is the latest treatment modality for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction as well as prostatitis management. The results of our patients to date are very encouraging and in our opinion, this treatment option completely changes the landscape of erectile dysfunction and prostatitis management. In addition, shockwave therapy has the following advantages:

Non-invasive treatment lasting 10-12 minutes in a treatment room

No medication required. Fewer complications than other treatment modalities

Significant clinical benefit often experienced 6-8 weeks after treatment

Frequently Asked Questions on Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

How does it work?

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (EWST) works by passing shock waves, an intense but short energy wave that travels faster than the speed of sounds into the tissues. Originally used to treat kidney stones in the 1970’s known as lithotripsy, using acoustic shock waves to break up the stones without the need for surgery. Clinicians soon discovered that whilst patients were being treated for kidney stones they reported that other non-related medical conditions either improved or had disappeared entirely. This, in turn, leads to the discovery that shockwaves had a healing impact on pain and chronic conditions in the musculoskeletal system. Devices were then developed to treat a range of tissue injury on different parts of the body. Today Shockwave therapy is widely used to treat all kinds of indications from soft tissue injuries (tendinopathies) to diabetic foot ulcers to erectile dysfunction and even cellulite.

Shockwave treatment initiates a proflamatory response in the tissue where the shockwaves have been applied. The body responds by increasing the blood circulation and metabolism in the impact area which in turn accelerates the body’s own healing processes.

In the specific case of Erectile Dysfunction, shockwave improves erections via two mechanisms:

Promotes angio-genesis(development of new blood vessels) in the penis which means that the blood flow to the penis increases and hence stronger erections are achieved; and
Rejuvenation of penis smooth muscle– the majority of patients suffering from ED do so because the smooth muscle in their penile arteries has been damaged thus inhibiting the functioning of the so-called veno-occlusive mechanism. Shockwave therapy has been shown to induce the body to repair the smooth muscle in the penis and thus improve the function of the veno-occlusive mechanism.

Am I a candidate for Shockwave Therapy?

Theoretically, shockwave therapy can help all patients suffering from ED and even improve erections in men with no issues or in order to prevent erectile dysfunction. However, given that it is a new treatment modality, scientific evidence is still being gathered and we only recommend the treatment to patients that actually suffer from erectile dysfunction.
As explained in our Treatment Protocols section, we apply shockwave therapy together with on-demand first line and second line treatments.
Patients that do not respond to an intra-cavernosal injection test, are NOT good candidates for shockwave therapy since this will generally mean that their erection mechanism is significantly damaged and it is unlikely that they will benefit from this treatment modality.
A full pre-treatment diagnostic evaluation is always advised before a patient proceeds with this option in order to establish if it is appropriate and also determine the optimum treatment protocol.

What are the expected benefits?

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that shockwave therapy for ED can help in the following ways:
- Patients with mild to moderate ED that respond well to PDE-5 inhibitors might be able to regain their natural erections and no longer need – or reduce their dependence on medication.
- Patients with moderate to severe ED that do not respond to PDE-5 medication and rely on injections or other topical treatments may become more respondent to PDE-5 medication after shockwave therapy.
- Shockwave therapy will in most cases improve the outcomes of any other treatment modality.

What should I expect during my treatment session?

Each treatment session lasts around 10-12 minutes. When you arrive at the clinic a nurse will take you to the room with the shockwave machine where you will get undressed and lie on the treatment bed. The medical practitioner will then apply the treatment using a special probe on different parts of your penis and perineum. Most patients experience very little discomfort or pain during the session. It is important that if you do not feel comfortable you let your medical practitioner know and the shockwave intensity will be adjusted accordingly.

What is the best Shockwave Therapy treatment protocol?

This is an area of very active research. A number of treatment protocols have been suggested, some lasting only 4 sessions and some as long as 12 sessions. Unfortunately, the clinical trials investigating these protocols are quite different in a number of ways (energy of the shockwaves applied, number of shockwaves, number of sessions, duration of treatment and time between sessions and the technology of the shockwave machines).

Whereas all these trials have proved the treatment benefits, there is no clear protocol that applies to all patients. Our own experience and the studies so far indicate that the there is no one size fits all protocol and the number of sessions will depend on the severity of ED, the presence of comorbidities and the response to treatment. At our clinic as a minimum, we recommend 10 12-minute sessions over a 5 week period.

Regarding the number of pulses, the range should be between 3000 and 5000 shock waves per session and there is evidence that administering more shock waves leads to greater improvements. It also seems beneficial to deliver treatment to multiple sites to reach the vascular bed of the erection mechanism.

Can I repeat the treatment on a regular basis?

As the method seems to have a physiologic effect on the erection mechanism, repeating the treatment after a certain period of time seems logical; however, the question regarding a possible saturation effect remains unanswered and requires further investigation.

Are the results permanent?

The biological effects of shockwave therapy are permanent and have been established on a basic science level. However, erectile dysfunction depends on the lifestyle of patients and is usually a symptom of underlying health issues which lead to ED. Because ED usually gets worse in patients with comorbidities, this means that the improvements after the treatment might be reversed over time if the underlying conditions are not addressed.

Given that the treatment is relatively new, the longest period that patients have been followed up after treatment in a systematic way as part of a clinical trial was 12 months. The results of this study indicate that the treatment benefits were preserved after one year from the treatment but further studies are required to investigate the efficacy after a longer period of time.

Is the Shockwave Therapy treatment itself painful?

Sometimes the treatment is a bit painful, but most people can stand these few intense minutes without medication. If patients are in pain during the treatment, they are to notify the medical practitioner as there are some adjustments that can be made to reduce the discomfort, however, having some pain during the treatment illustrates that shockwaves are having a positive effect.

Will there be any pain after the treatment?

Normally patients experience a reduced level of pain or no pain at all immediately after the treatment, but a mild and diffused pain may occur a few hours later. This dull pain can last for a day or so.

What if there is pain experienced after the treatment?

Shockwave therapy treatment initiates a pro-flammatory response in the tissue that is being treated. If necessary patients may use ordinary prescription-free painkillers. Do not use anti-inflammatory medication or ice in the treated area as both may interfere with the body’s self-healing abilities.

What if the shockwave therapy treatment doesn’t work?

Usually, the response to shockwave therapy treatment is good however it may take several months before the maximum effect is achieved. If after 3-4 months the patient still does not experience a pronounced improvement, then other treatment modalities will need to be considered.

Shockwave Therapy for Prostatitis

Shock Wave Therapy has been used widely for the treatment and management of prostatitis

As controversial as it may sound, in selected patients with prostate enlargement, bothersome urinary tract symptoms and those with clinically obvious prostate inflammation, shockwave therapy offers hope for cure without having to risk the side effects of long-term medications and even surgery. Caveat is that mediations and surgery remain the gold standard forms of treatment at the current time but shockwaves offer a scientific, safe and effect alternative based on our strict protocols of treatment. The treatment will involve between 10- 20 shockwave therapies depending on the stage of disease. The usual cycle is 2 treatment sessions every week.

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When it comes to urological ailments or sexual disorders, men are less open to seek medical care at the onset. This is due to various factors linked to lack of awareness, social stigma, and the belief that men’s health is age-related. At UROHEAL, are committed to change this and make urological issues in men more mainstream – leading to faster diagnosis and better treatment

Just like we go for a regular checkups for our heart, blood pressure, diabetes etc. we need to check for urological health regularly; especially when we are above 40 years of age. This can prevent complications later and help us to lead a normal, active, and fulfilling life as we grow older. Men’s Health Screening can save lives. We have collaborated with reputed hospitals to provide Men's Health Screening at affordable costs

We need to keep ourselves updated on the common ailments and diseases which can affect us. By knowing about them and the treatment options available to all of us we would be in a better position to cope, if we ever get affected. At UROHEAL we are continuously encouraging our patients and the society at large to keep themselves updated on Men’s Health though our website, social media pages and public forums. To keep updated on our blog posts please follow us on Facebook.

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